About Us


It was at the end of his pursuit of a professional football career where our founder, Rorie McKenzie, found himself at a crossroads. During this transitional period, his passion for horology began to develop.

Over time and through travelling to various countries, Rorie learned very quickly that a watch is much more than just an apparatus for telling the time. It could be a statement that precedes you.. much like your reputation. And so the brainstorming began..

Fast forward to 2019 - it was at one of his closest friend's wedding in Morocco where he decided he wanted to transition from a watch wearer to a creator of watches. The rich history of the country made him reflect on his own roots and how it could tie into his future... And that was where our first watch, the EMPEROR, was created..  

Our company is named after his beloved Grandad, Kenneth "Errol" Austin - Your legacy lives on..





We ensure that our watches are the PERFECT aesthetic compliment to people who take pride in themselves. And our direct-to-consumer business strategy allows for the everyday person to enjoy both the look and feel of a high end watch - WITHOUT the crippling high end markup.


Freedom of expression, family and elevation are our values..


But most of all we value TIME